in·fe·ri·or·i·ty com·plex (n): an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation.

Who are we? We’re you. We are the same sweaty assholes who, through shared misery–the self-inflicted barrage of burpees, jerks, squats, and other masochistic endeavors–try to forget who we are the other 23 hours of the day. We show up and kill ourselves, regardless of what’s prescribed on the board, and we feel like a big, overflowing mesh-bag of dicks if we miss a work out.

We are (almost) professionals who put in a full day’s work and rightfully earn our weekends. We like good food and don’t trust anyone who refuses an adult beverage (tequila is paleo, folks).

The leaderboard isn’t adorn with our names, and that pisses us off. We dwell only on our shortcomings, always looking up at the younger, stronger, faster assholes next to us. We think about crop-dusting them as we jump off the pull-up bar, but instead, these inequalities we will never overcome drive us even harder. We barely tolerate our faults, but we keep showing up anyway… because any day at the gym is a fucking good one.

This website is dedicated to those like us, the undercover meatheads who want a place to nerd out about all things fitness–even if we aren’t Elite. But fuck it, we can be almost Elite, and within the paper-thin walls of this website: almost does count.