12513849_569909499832294_6276689052111391340_oMy name is Lee, and I have been a coach of some sort for most of my adult life–usually two inches behind someone, encouraging good form through tender touch. I feel the need to help people, particularly against their will. I have been called an ‘over-coacher’ and an ‘inappropriate spotter,’ but hey, I get excited by guys in little shorts… and they signed the waiver.

I love good beer, scotch, and lady-and-the-tramping a nice ballpark frank with my cat Dwight.

roflbotHi, I’m Chelsea. I recently left the military in search for something equally masochistic, and I stumbled upon CrossFit. Severely under-qualified to write anything authoritative on fitness, instead, I describe the day-to-day emotional struggle involved in pulling on my gym shorts. I follow a strict 90/5/5 macro diet, and I enjoy offering people unsolicited nutritional advice, usually in the form of the latest truffle mac and cheese recipe.

In my off time, you can find me admiring my callouses or hiking in a remote area of the planet in search of my life’s calling.