Quiz Results: Gym Owner 2018-07-03T09:46:46-05:00

You identify most with being a “gym owner.”

In the spectrum of being more of a “business owner” or a “gym owner,” those Excel spreadsheets can take a hike – you are here for the community and to see smiles on people’s faces. You bring so many intangible qualities to the table!

Here are your STRENGTHS:

You came into this business out of the love you have for fitness and the athletes you get to help everyday.

It is clear to yourself and those around you that you truly care about your members and that you want to see them grow. Your athletes will stick around because they know that you personally care about them, and that you’re not trying to run a globo gym with zero personality.

Your natural strengths will continue to serve and grow a community at your gym that you’ll be proud of. Every gym NEEDS someone like you.

That being said, we want to make sure you’re not forgetting the business end.

None of us have MBA’s, and we certainly haven’t been doing this for decades. But we want to make sure your bleeding heart isn’t the death of you. Caring about how much revenue you’re bringing in doesn’t make you a greedy capitalist!

More importantly, once you understand what you need to do, running the gym gets pretty simple. From there, you can have a gym you’re proud to own, and you can also have a healthy work/life balance. Admit it, that sounds nice, right?

Here are a few resources that will help get you going: